What is a Canopy Chair, and Why Do I Need One?

Spring melts into summer almost overnight, and as that warmer weather approaches, we'll all spend more time outdoors. From camping trips to Saturday mornings spent field-side at a youth soccer game, canopy chairs are a summertime must-have.

You probably already know what a canopy chair entails if you're an outdoorsy person. On the other hand, perhaps you've never used one and are considering investing, and you're curious whether it will be worth the money. Not all lawn chairs are created equal, so trust us when we say a well-made canopy chair is well worth every penny!

What is a Canopy Chair?

A canopy chair is just what it sounds like, a chair with a canopy. There isn't too much intrigue behind the name, but they come in various shapes, lengths, heights, and sizes. Some come with built-in storage like cupholders and individual coolers. Depending on the retailer, a folding chair with canopy might be high-quality, or it might not. When it comes to cost, it's up to you to decide what you want to spend, but you usually get what you pay for when it comes to canopy chairs.

The canopy chair is a camping chair with a top, though it's developed far beyond that over the years. A canopy chair allows the user to ensure available shade wherever and whenever needed. Sitting directly in the sun is only recommended for so long to avoid sunburn or other adverse effects, and on hotter days, sun exposure can lead to dehydration...

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