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  1. Anchor Management: The Importance of Securing Your Pop-Up Canopy

    Anchor Management: The Importance of Securing Your Pop-Up Canopy

    Pop-up canopy tents are incredibly convenient to own, and they work for almost any occasion, from sporting events and family reunions to vendor fairs and casual backyard barbecues. While they're a fantastic item to have handy, you're likely headed for disaster if you use them without anchors.

    What Is a Pop-Up Canopy Tent?

    A pop-up canopy tent sometimes referred to as a portable gazebo or a frame tent, is essentially a canopy tent that folds down for easy portability. Most pop-up canopy tents come in two pieces, but many modern pop-ups often have a foldable metal frame pre-attached to a canopy.

    Pop-up canopies are perfect for adding a bit of extra shade and protection from the elements or providing food coverage if you're eating outside or hosting an outdoor event. The frame of a pop-up canopy is often steel or aluminum, with the steel being the heavier and more expensive of the two. Most canopy tops are made of polyester or a blend thereof.

    Pop-up canopies are open-sided, distinguishing them from tent products like a semi-permanent shelter. You'll often find pop-up canopies at trade shows or concerts covering the merchandise or food tents. Pop-up canopies are great for the beach, and they can go pretty much anywhere you go, as long as you have a place to store and a way to transport them!

    Why Do You Need to Secure a Pop-Up Canopy?

    Securing your pop-up canopy is the primary responsibility that comes with...

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  2. Event Canopy Accessories to Enhance Your Shade Solution

    Event Canopy Accessories to Enhance Your Shade Solution

    An event canopy provides essential shade for outdoor weddings, company picnics, and other al fresco dining occasions and events. This summer, enhance your shade solution with a few canopy accessories for your ShelterLogic event canopy! Check out these must-have accessories that increase shade coverage, secure your canopy, and more.

    Event Canopy Accessories for...

    Added Privacy

    event canopy

    Party Tent Enclosure with Windows: Add ultimate privacy and wind protection at your next outdoor event with this enclosure kit for your party tent. Use one or all six individual clear PVC windows and two double zipper doors for multiple entry options. 100% waterproof, UV-treated, and heavy-duty fire-rated PVC fabric - this classy enclosure comes in multiple colors to fashionably and effectively shelter all your guests. 

    More Shade for Canopy Owners

    event canopy

    Extension and Sidewall Kit: The ShelterLogic Canopy Extension Kit serves a dual purpose to offer shade and privacy! Quickly add 280 square feet of shade coverage or include a single or double wall windbreak to your canopy in minutes. This canopy extension kit comes ready to install out...

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