Host Your Thanksgiving Gathering Outdoors This Year

When it comes to family gatherings, 2020 has been an abnormal year. Sadly, Thanksgiving will also be different from the past. With U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releasing cautious guidance for holiday celebrations, and several cities and states have also issued warnings traveling and the size of gatherings, this could be the year to start a new tradition: holding your family’s Thanksgiving gathering outdoors.

American history tells us that the in 1621, the first Thanksgiving celebration was held in Plymouth, Mass., and it appears the Pilgrims and Native Americans held the Thanksgiving gathering outdoors. While it’s largely become an indoor gathering tradition since (and the menu had changed from venison and seafood to turkey and stuffing), the CDC has recommended a change of plans.

Simply put, air circulation is much better outdoors than indoors. With coronavirus rates on the rise during the pandemic, the CDC recommends avoiding gatherings in crowded, poorly ventilated spaces with persons who are not in your household. Hosting people for a small outdoor dinner as moderately risky compared to indoor celebrations, according to the CDC.

Although a Thanksgiving gathering outdoors is safer than one indoors, you and your guests should wear masks or face coverings when not eating or drinking, and allow people from different households to remain at least 6 feet...

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